“Downtown Tony Brown” Hillarious At Andrew Ford Comedy Stopp

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Story By Michael Goins  –ComedyStopp3Andrew Ford is the ultimate entertainer and he is well known to the City Of Columbus. The 16 year veteran of comedy has graced such audiences as Def Comedy Jam, Comic View and Showtime at the Apollo. He opens for most of the Comedians that come to Columbus to perform at the Palace Theatre downtown. A Michigan native, Ford has made Columbus his home and is trying to put his mark on the city with the opening of his own comedy house simply named “The Comedy Stopp”.

Last night “Downtown Tony Brown” was in the building and he was hilarious. People came out to see this comedian that many have heard of but not many have seen perform. Tony Brown is rated by some as being a “Comedians Comedian” including Ford. “Tony has the style that young comedians like to emulate” says Ford.

 Now mind you, this wasn’t a “Showtime At The Apoillo” crowd he was performing in front of, but the pressure to deliver is just the same. “Performing in front of a small crowd is tougher than performing in front of the larger crowds says Brown”. “In a smaller environment you have much more contact with the audience”. Brown says its the comedy houses like “The Comedy Stopp” that allows young comedians to get their chance to perform. “Comedy is still relevant to our entertainment psyche” says Brown. “In these tough economic times, comedy is the escape that we need to help get through the day”. Brown says he likes “Big Girls” and once stopped dating his girlfriend because she would sneak off to workout.

As for “The Comedy Stopp”, Andrew Ford realizes that his establishment is in its early stages and he plays to that in his routine by making fun of his stage background and furniture. Ford makes fun of the fact that his furniture doesn’t match and that his stage curtain reminds you of something that Rick James would have worn onstage. You can’t help but think that it was all part of the plan. Remember you’re dealing with a 16 year veteran here and he knows a little bit about how to make people laugh. “Bringing in artists like Tony Brown shows the commitment The Comedy Stopp has to bringing our audience the best in entertainment” says Ford. “I see “Comedy Stopp” franchises populating the region over the next several years”.

As for “Downtown Tony Brown”, he’ll be be performing two shows tonight and you don’t want to miss it. “I’m right where I need to be.” says Brown. “I’m waiting for my blessings.

The Comedy Stopp is located at 6064 Channingway Blvd | Columbus, Ohio and the number is Ph: 614-559-1996. Shows start at 8:00 and 10:00. There is a cash bar and the kitchen is open for your dining needs.

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