It’s Heisman Trohpy Week!! Is Archie The Best OSU Player Of All Time

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Archie2Story by: Michael Goins

–With Heisman Trophy winners Archie Griffin and Eddie George, linebacker Chris Spielman, quarterback Art Schlichter as former players, the question arises who is/was the best Ohio State Football Player of all time.

Heisman trophy week is always a time for looking to the past and honoring the greats. Is Archie Griffin the greatest player to play football at Ohio State. One thing he is all by himself and that is the “Only” two-time Heisman Trophy winner.

 He is ranked 7th amongst the top 100 best college football players of all time behind such greats as Jim Thorpe, Red Grange and get this,  Herschel Walker and Vince Young. The closest Ohio State Player to him comes in at #31(Jim Parker) and then Orlando Pace(#37). To give you some idea how competitive this list is, Ohio State Linebacker Chris Spielman who just this week was inducted into the College Football Hall Of Fame is ranked #53 and Archie’s counterpart in Heisman’s at Ohio State, Eddie George, is not even on the list.

With Tim Tebow having won last year’s Heisman and again in the running this year in New York, there is a chance that Archie’s “Only”  designation could be matched if Tebow become only the second player to win the Heisman twice. With Tebow not having the year that was forcast for him, it looks as if Archies designation as “Only” will remain in tact for another year.. Click here to see the complete list

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