Poll: Fire Luke Fickell? On The Hotseat?

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That sucking sound you hear is the sound of air coming out of the Ohio State fanbase. Pumped up by unexpected victories in October over Illinois on the road and Wisconsin at home, the talk in Buckeye Land was Big Ten Title Game. That was, until today. For the second consecutive time the Boilermakers game Ohio State an unexpected beatdown in West Lafayette, Indiana. As Buckeye Nation was proudly asking Indiana “Hoosier Daddy” last weekend, today, they found out that the Buckeyes Daddy is a Boilermaker. Just as Luke Fickell was starting to get a little support from the fanbase, his bubble has burst and no matter what he does from this point on, his status at Ohio State is as tenable as a facebook preppy.  “Hotseat City”!! You Bet. Except for pride, we will see what the Buckeyes will be playing for over the next couple of weeks. Is this a team that now could get  blown out by Penn State next week. Could the unthinkable now happen, and Michigan embarrases Ohio State in the Big House. Hire Luke Fickell? You tell us…

New life has been pumped into the Ohio State Buckeyes. Braxton Miller is hitting his stride. Daniel Herron is back and busting up defenses and taking names. What has happened? Ohio State now believes they can win. The Wisconsin victory showed one thing. Ohio State is a team that believes it can win and play with the big boys. Does this help Luke Fickell’s chances of staying on as Ohio State’s coach, or do the Buckeyes have to look elsewhere. Is Luke Fickell now off the hotseat. Ohio State is back to doing what it does best and that is beat up on the Big Ten. Hire Luke Fickell? You Tell Us..

Earlier: Six weeks and counting for Luke Fickell. The Buckeyes took on a suspect Nebraska team tonight in their first appearance in Lincoln and had the “Huskers” on the ropes. Up 20-6 at the half, the Buckeye faithful thought this one was in the bag and the Boos heard this night wasn’t coming from Ohio State fans, but the restless Huskers fans were letting their voices be heard. Nebraska exploded for 28 points in the second half and can now forever say their first Big Ten victory came against Ohio State. Braxton Miller went down to a high ankle sprain but not  before carrying the rock 10 times for 90 yards. As unstoppable as Ohio State was in the first half, Nebraska was the moving force in the second half. An ineffective Joe Bauserman made a second half appearance, but to no avail. Nebraska rolls 34-27. Where does this leave Luke Fickell? Did you see enough good things in this game to change your mind about him and his staff, or did tonights game just reinforce your opinion about him as Ohio State’s head coach. Is Luke Fickell on the hotseat, or has the situation now gone beyond that?

Last Week -It’s been five weeks since Luke Fickell made his debut as the new head coach at Ohio State and the Buckeyes are sitting at 3-2. That is correct, two losses in a season that could get away from Ohio State in  a hurry if the tide continues on the current trend. With the home loss to Michigan State, Ohio State could easily lose to Nebraska next week, Illinois the following week and then Wisconsin. The Buckeyes could easily be 3-5 in a hurry if the suspended players don’t come back and make an immediate impact. Luke Fickell’s status as Ohio State coach just went back to “Hotseat” status after a week of reprieve after the Colorado win. What’s most damaging for Ohio State is that they still haven’t played a top level team to date. The trip to Nebraska could prove easier than some thought because either Nebraska isn’t that good or Wisconsin is “Really” good considering the spanking the Badgers gave them this past weekend. Welcome to the Big Ten “Huskers”. We’ll find out in a couple of days the fate of the Buckeyes on the roadtrip to Lincoln. Will Ohio State head into November 3-5? Will they lose all their remaining October games against Nebraska, Illinois and Wisconsin? This is currently the only Poll on the “Net” about the Buckeye Coach and your opinion counts.

From the beginning..  After a pedestrian start against Akron in the season opener, The Buckeyes ran into a colossal “do-do” storm last weekend against in state MAC opponent Toledo. Having never beaten Ohio State, the Rockets came into the “Shoe” looking to take advantage of a depleted Buckeye squad and they almost pulled it off. This evening, Ohio State went to the sunny city of Miami where the offense couldn’t get to the endzone and had no aerial attack. Ohio State leaves the Sunshine state tied in their series with Miami 2-2. It may be hard to believe, but this was Ohio State’s first regular season game in the state of Florida.

Ohio State had success on the ground but without the conterbalance of a passing game, could never loosen up Miam’s defense for the long ball. From Luke Fickell, “I can’t say what adjustments we’re going to have to make until I watch the tape. “We have to get better”.

After three games and  the first loss of the season, the question now for Ohio State is, how do you grade Luke Fickell. Is he still in the running for the Ohio State job. Obviously, if Toledo had won, his tenure at Ohio State would be over at the end of this season. Does he still have a chance after losing on the road to Miami? Take the poll..


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