Extreme Pics:Kelly Rowland Wardrobe Malfunction -Do Only Black Girls Have Nipple Slips?

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Story by Michael Goins -This past weekend, something incredible happened. Two of R&B’s top entertainers had massive wardrobe malfunctions. You’ve heard about Nicki Minaj. New to the “NOC”, which I call the “Nipple Outing Club” is Kelly Rowland who also had a nipple slip this weekend.  Rowland’s nipple slip went to the extreme in that it was a full blown “Damn Girl”!.

With the multitude of nipple slips happening in the entertainment world recently amongst black female entertainers, the question has to be asked? Do only black girls have “Nipple Slips”? Nicki Minaj and Kelly Rowland within a two day period is enough to make any man blush. Of course, the answer is no. Nipple slips have been happening forever, especially in sports. Especially in Gymnastics, Swimming and Diving and Track and Field. Don’t believe me, click this link. Many celebrities have had their nipple slip moments including near misses from Halle Berry and Jessica Simpson.


 Is it the “Underwear As Outerwear” craze made popular by Rihanna and Beyonce that is contributing to this rash of bare “breasteses”? Of course, a nipple slip is a lot different from the celebrities that wear peek-a-boo tops such as Cher, Rihanna and others. For most artists, nipple slips are just the cost of a good performance, and the chance that one of the “girls” may want to make an appearance is a chance they’re willing to take.


 I agree.. I look at it this way. Every profession has its “Wow” factor. Quarterbacks throw interceptions. Boxers get knocked out. Basketball players get dunked on. Race car drivers crash and Soccer players get kicked in the $@%’s. For black female entertainers, well, they have nipple slips. Who’s next? In the meantime, here are the pics of Kelly Rowland.

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