Why It Sucks To Be Ohio State Right Now!!

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Story By Michael Goins -”It Sucks To Be Ohio State Right Now”, and here’s why. You’re the biggest university in the country and people automatically thinks that translates into you being the best at everything, especially sports. There is no question Ohio State is an up and coming sports powerhouse, but they’re not there yet. Ohio State athletics are in that transitional area where the sports teams are good enough each year to make noise, but not good enought to win it all. Simply put,”It Sucks To Be Ohio State Right Now”.

“It sucks” when you’ve allowed an image to be painted of you as the cleanest athletic school in the country, and then see that painting be smeared with  black ink. It sucks when local media makes a habit of bashing every other athletic program in the country for cheating and building your sports program as the national standard, only to have the roosters come home to roost. Simply put,”It Sucks To Be Ohio State Right Now”.

“It Sucks” when you go to a BCS bowl game and finally beat an SEC team named Arkansas and everyone reminds you that you beat a middle of the road SEC team, not the big boys. Simply put,”It Sucks To Be Ohio State Right Now”.

“It Sucks” when you have a head men’s basketball coach that thinks you can win an NCAA title with 5 players and no contribution from the bench even after everyone tells you that you can’t win that way. Simply put,”It Sucks To Be Ohio State Right Now”.

“It Sucks” when you have a head women’s  basketball coach that banked his entire program on the backs of two players, Jantel Lavender and Samantha Prahalis and didn’t figure out how to make, possibly, the best three point shooter in the country(Brittany Johnson) and maybe the best dribble penetrator off the ball(Tayler Hill) a more effective part of his game by game offensive strategy. Simply put,”It Sucks To Be Ohio State Right Now”.

“It Sucks” when your football program gets stuck with a quarterback that really doesn’t fit your offensive style and there’s nothing you can do about it. Simply put,”It Sucks To Be Ohio State Right Now”.

To be fair, it’s not entirely Ohio States fault that “It Sucks To Be Ohio State Right Now”. You see, Ohio State is possibly the biggest sports franchise in modern history, comparing  even to the Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees. Why “It Sucks To Be Ohio State Right Now” is that in this age of 24 hour sports news, and the pressures of making money, Ohio State reached “media darling” and “media money maker” status before it’s athletics programs have matured into national powers.

Ohio State is still 10 or more years away from having Kentucky, Duke and North Carolina like legacies. Want to know how many National Titles North Carolina and Kentucky have won in Basketball? Take my word for it, it’a a big number

. Albeit it, a lot of those titles where won during the “Golden Age”, they nevertheless allowed those programs to build dynasty like numbers and a myriad of people that follow them from coast to coast. What’s that you say Ohio State fan? People love you from coast to coast also? Only the fans that have a tie to Ohio State love Ohio State.   Duke, North Carolina  and teams like Kentucky have national following independent of association and Ohio State does not have that yet because they have not been a serious national player long enough.

ESPN and other media powerhouses need Ohio State to be on television and also need Ohio State to be atop the polls. Again the problem for Ohio State is that it’s still over 10 years away from having the national reputation as a winner. Finally beating a middle of the road SEC Team in football and making two “Sweet 16′s” in a row in men’s basketball and making your first “Sweet 16″ in women’s basketball doesn’t put you in the same league with Duke and Kentucky.

 Winning the national championship in football back in the Maruice Clarett days counts, but that was January 3rd 2003. Ohio State’s next big football milestone  came just last year in finally beating an SEC team. Going to the NCAA basketball finals against  Florida was back in 2007 but it counts towards your legacy. Making the “Sweet 16″ in the NCAA tournament also counts. For Ohio State to get to the level of the national powerhouses, it has to keep making progress towards beating the best. 

Unfortunately for Ohio State, to get to the top won’t be easy, because the teams that are already there want to stay there. To get the national respect that Ohio State seeks can’t come from local media proclaiming how good Ohio State is from their microphones every day. It also can’t come from national media continuously inserting Ohio State into the national discussion only to have Ohio State continue to come up short every year in the NCAA Tournament and draw average teams in BCS bowls.

 To get the national respect that Ohio State seeks, means one thing. Ohio State has to eventually beat the Alabama’s and Auburn’s, Florida’s and USC’s of the world in football. Ohio State has to eventually beat the Kentucky’s, Dukes, and North Carolina’s of the world in men’s basketball and the women’s basketball team eventually has to beat the UConn’s, Baylor’s and Tennessee’s of the world.

Ohio State has put itself in a position where beating up on the Big Ten doesn’t mean anything anymore and after the New Year’s Day massacre  that occurred this past bowl season, where so many Big Ten football teams lost, Ohio States job just got tougher. We’re at a point now where each year we really don’t know how good Ohio State is until bowl season in football and NCAA tournament time in basketball, because none of the Ohio State athletic programs will schedule enough games against really good teams.

It you’re an Ohio State fan take heart because the athletics programs are in good position to go to the next level, but each program needs to continue to ger better each year. Take the media propaganda and hype that compares Ohio State to the North Carolina’s, Duke’s and Alabama’s of the world with a grain of salt. Ohio State is not part of that discussion yet. If you don’t believe me, look up how many times Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky and teams of that level have won national titles compared to Ohio State.. Ohio State hype is required by the money side of media that has to keep their “breadwinner” in the national discussion.  So, for the people on the national scene that hate Ohio State, because they are always being pumped up to be this great powerhouse, remember it’s not Ohio State that is doing the hyping, it’s the media, for the reasons stated above. Checks are being written that Ohio State can’t cash yet. That’s why  “Simply Put, It Sucks To Be Ohio State Right Now”


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